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For more than 28 years, I have been studying different healing techniques and energy work. After becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2009, I felt I was "home". I continue to grow with this energy and am reminded daily about its amazing power. Originally trained in the Usui Reiki techniques (the standard most Reiki practitioners in the world use), I have also achieved Master/Teacher level of  Karuna® Reiki through Infinite Light Healing Center in Sedona, which is a higher vibrational energy that promotes an even deeper healing. As Reiki is always evolving, a new level of energy emerged in 2014 through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) called Holy Fire Reiki (as in "whole", no religious connotation) and I became certified to practice and teach this energy. 

In April, 2018, I became certified in Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ - a program of prenatal Reiki which clears past pregnancy/childbirth/abortion/miscarriage issues and sets the stage for a blissful pregnancy and delivery. 

In my sessions, I use all the experience, wisdom, humor, grace and intuition God has given me. I incorporate the use of angels, healing guides, intuition, Healing Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and other energy techniques to serve you for your highest good. During surgery, I bring all this to help you begin healing as surgery is taking place. As a certified Feng Shui practitioner, I often bring the wisdom of how energy flows in our environment into a session, as well. 

My clients bring immense joy to my life. They come to me with illnesses, traumas, injuries, stress, anxiety, depression, and stagnation. Watching their transformation is priceless. I am: 

  • Owner of Karigo Healing Arts, LLC in Centennial, Colorado (www.karigohealingarts.com).
  • Member of Reiki Membership Association through the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT).
  • Usui Reiki/Holy Fire Master/Teacher
  •  Karuna®/HolyFire Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Holy Fire Reiki Master
  • Angelic Reiki Master
  • Medical Reiki Master
  • Sacred Childbirth with  Reiki™
  • Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Spent 5 yrs as a volunteer with LifeSpark Cancer Resources (www.lifesparknow.org) providing Reiki to cancer patients
  • Sponsor of CampExperience (www.campexperience.com), a Denver based women's network

My mission is to help heal our planet

one person, one heart at a time

through the practice and teaching of Reiki. 

Contact me:


(303) 517-2843

Facebook:  Krista Igoe, Reiki Master

Also visit www.karigohealingarts.com to see classes & events at Karigo Healing Arts

6590 S. Vine St. #110, Centennial, CO 80121

Poor Jack was having severe hip pain. He loved getting Reiki and didn't want me to stop.
Poor Jack was having severe hip pain. He loved getting Reiki and didn't want me to stop.