Q & A

Q: What happens during a Reiki session?

A:  While you are fully clothed, you'll lay on a massage table (or sit up, if you prefer). With gentle music playing, my hands will be activated with Reiki and be placed on neutral areas of your body - head, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, trunk, etc. If you are uncomfortable with touch, my hands can hover a few inches off the body.  With your permission, I often add use of essential oils and crystals. 

Q: What does a Reiki session feel like?

A:  It's different for everyone, and each session may be a little different. Most people feel a sense of deep relaxation and peace. Many feel warmth and tingling. Some people fall asleep. It's all good. 

Q: Will Reiki Cure my Problem?

A:  There are so many reasons why people experience their issues. Reiki results range from subtle to profound and from immediate to gradual release. Thre is no way of knowing ahead of time. Reiki energy will be drawn to the issue and provide the level of healing YOU are ready for on that particular day.  We heal like layers of an onion -- sometimes a thin layer comes off, other times a big chunk. 

Q: Can I continue my doctor's recommended treatment?

A:  Absolutely!  Please continue any medications or treatments prescribed by your doctor. Energy work is NOT a substitute for conventional medicine. Reiki works to support other treatments by getting to the root cause, speeding up recuperation time, removing emotional and energy blocks, relieving pain, and more.  Teamwork!

Q: How do you provide Reiki to animals?

I love working with animals! They are very sensitive to, and aware of, the energy forces around us. Even domesticated animals maintain this sense that comes from when they were "in the wild". I make house calls for pets as they are more comfortable in their own home. Each animal reacts differently. I generally begin with a hands-off the body approach so your pet can control the sessions - moving closer or not. I take my cue from them. Length of session depends on the animal. Some can't get enough and others are "filled up" in a short time. I believe many animals can actually see the energy coming out of my hands, especially horses.