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"Through compassion and great skill as a Master Reiki practitioner, Krista nurtures her clients and they receive long-lasting, expowering results. She combines her wisdom with love to attend to each individual's body, heart, mind, and soul. My experience is that she is a gifted healer." ~ Jeanine Bugh

"Krista creates an empathetic, safe atmosphere where one can completely relax and focus on regaining balance. Working with Krista has helped me center myself in order to cope with, and heal from, chronic pain." ~ Mallory

A friend suffered severe vertigo-like problems and anxiety whenever she had to travel by plane which would last for days. Various doctors and different treatments provided little relief. I suggested Reiki the day before an important trip. On both the outgoing trip and return flight five days later, she experienced only tolerable discomfort during the trip and was fine once back on land. 

"I had heard of Reiki but really didn't know much about it. Krista has a beautiful way of explaining it so I could understand its true benefits. She is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely good at what she does. It is unlike any kind of bodywork modality I've ever had. I loved it!" ~ Lisa

"Every experience with Krista is unique and interesting. Conditions that I have lived with for over thirty years have disappeared!" ~ Mary A. 

"I'd heard of Reiki but never tried it until I met Krista. Wow! I was amazed at the initial results. She worked on a focus area that has continued to improve. When another concern popped up, her expertise was instrumental again'm glad I found Krista and will continue working with her." ~ Rhonda

"For the first time in a long time, my heart feels light, my sould feels rested, and I feel hopeful. All feelings that have been lacking lately. Thanks for facilitating that." - H.W. (P.S. within two weeks, many positive changes occured in her life)

"I have been helped tremendously by Krista's sessions - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She is simply awesome with a gift for healing on all levels." ~ Ann H. 

 ABOUT GRIEF  --  "I'd been struggling with this broken heart and missing my daughter constantly. It was hard to stay focused to even get started on what I need to do for myself but just thinking of your radiant soul and the warmth that is filling my entire chest now has put me back on that path I need to be on." - Mike

ABOUT HEALING FROM ABUSE  -  "With your Reiki help, things with my [family] went well. I felt much clearer and able to come from love instead of fear and trepidation." ~ K.R.   

ABOUT TEACHING  --  "Krista is an amazing teacher who gifted me with something that has helped play a role in my healing. I’m forever grateful." -Bryant

ABOUT TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDITATION CLASS --   "[this class] is truly transforming my meditation practice.  I believe I will use these tools for the rest of my life, and that using them is going to play a big role as I create the life I want to be living." ~ Janine V.   

with Hayla in NICU. Taught her mom Reiki so she could give Reiki to her every day. Miraculous story.
with Hayla in NICU. Taught her mom Reiki so she could give Reiki to her every day. Miraculous story.

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Interview with Krista Igoe (You Define Wellness - July 2019)

Check out this great video